Travel purpose: Artist/Sport

14.07.2022 - Article

You are planning to be active as an artist in Germany? Possibly, you are travelling for a short-term cultural cooperation or for a sports event?
You will find all relevant information including required documents on this page.

Halqa der Akrobaten
Halqa der Akrobaten© Thomas Ladenburger

General information about Schengen visa and the application process can be found here.

IMPORTANT: Duly completed application forms may be submitted six months prior to your intended travel date.

It may take an average time of 15 days to process your Schengen visa application.

Therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply well in advance of their actual travel dates. This will help ensuring a smooth organization of your trip.

If your travel date is imminent or lies within two weeks of your application date, please check if you can postpone your trip. In general, neither the German Mission nor the Service Provider is able to expedite the process.

Please note:

According to the Visa Code, the German Embassy Dar Es Salaam is only responsible for processing your application if your main destination is Germany.

Submission of false documentation or incorrect information will most likely result in a refusal or even a travel ban to Germany or other Schengen States.

The submission of incomplete documentation can result in a refusal.

The German Embassy Dar Es Salaam reserves the right to ask for additional documentation at any time during the processing of the application whenever deemed necessary.

Documents sent via fax or e-mail, which has not been requested, will not be allocated to an application.

All relevant information concerning the application process can be found on our website: www.daressalam.diplo.de

The Checklist of required documents for the travel purpose “artist” has to be printed and signed and submitted at your appointment (Checklist artist: print-version)

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