Visa for Language Courses

19.12.2023 - Article

If you would like to go to Germany for a German language course you can apply for a visa for language courses.

General Information

The official website of the Federal Government of Germany Make it in Germany contains a lot of helpful information about working and living in Germany.

To meet the requirements for language courses visa you will need to provide the following:

  • Proof of enrolment in an intensive German language course with a fixed timeframe. This usually means daily instruction (at least 18 hours a week) and the aim of the course is geared towards acquiring a comprehensive knowledge of German. Therefore evening and weekend courses do not meet the criteria.

Required Documents

Compile the required documents according to the purpose of your stay by using the following checklists:

Visa for Language Courses

Processing time:

Due to the regular need for approval from the authorities in Germany, you should generally allow three months weeks for your visa application to be processed (calculated from the time you submit the complete application documents to the diplomatic mission abroad). Please do not request a status update – these will not be answered but ignored.

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