Visa for recognition of foreign qualifications

19.12.2023 - Article

If you have applied for recognition of your professional qualification and this was turned down due to the fact that you lack some qualification, you can apply for a Visa to go to Germany and undertake the necessary qualifications.

General Information

The official website of the Federal Government of Germany Make it in Germany contains a lot of helpful information about working and living in Germany.

  • The competent authority for the recognition procedure in Germany determined by way of an assessment notice that you are missing certain theoretical and/or practical skills required to fully recognise your qualifications.
  • You have successfully registered for a relevant qualification programme. If you are required to take company training courses, the company in question needs to put forward a training plan outlining the measures to be taken to make up for the deficits identified by the competent authority. Moreover, the training plan must also indicate the salary the company will pay you over the course of the practical training courses. In such cases, the Federal Employment Agency (BA) must approve of the qualification programme.
  • Generally speaking, you must possess German language skills at a minimum level of A2 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • You can provide proof of your living costs being covered for the duration of your stay. You can prove this in the form of a blocked account (in principle at least €1,027 per month, amount valid for the year 2023) or a formal letter of obligation.

If you are looking to work in an unregulated profession, you can make up for the identified deficits by obtaining employment as a skilled worker in your intended profession (Section 16d (3) Residence Act - AufenthG). For this purpose, additional requirements must be met:

  • You must have an actual job offer.
  • The competent authority determined by way of an assessment notice that you require predominantly practical skills to be able to receive full recognition.
  • A training plan detailing how the major differences are to be balanced out.
  • Your future employer must ensure by way of a work contract that they will support you in obtaining the required professional recognition during your stay in Germany.

Required Documents

Compile the required documents according to the purpose of your stay by using the following checklists:

Visa for recognition of foreign qualifications

Processing time:

Due to the regular need for approval from the authorities in Germany, you should generally allow six weeks for your visa application to be processed (calculated from the time you submit the complete application documents to the diplomatic mission abroad). Please do not request a status update – these will not be answered but ignored.

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