Change of Address in Passport or ID Card


Have you relocated to Tanzania and your passport and ID still show your old address? Then you are obliged to have the address changed by the German Mission. Read here how this is done.

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How Do I Apply?

  • Read the information thoroughly
  • You do not need to appear in person to have the address changed, but can instead send a duly authorized person in your place.
  • Compile all the documents required for a change of address.
  • Fully complete the application form.
  • Book an appointment at your German Mission via our online appointment system. Please book one appointment per change of address.
  • Bring all required documents in the original plus a simple (non-certified) copy. Incomplete applications cannot be submitted.

Required Documents

  1. Application form fully completed and signed by the applicant (Minors: Signed by both legal guardians)
  2. If you do not submit the application in person: Letter of authority, naming the authorized person and signed by the applicant (Minors: signed by both legal guardians)
  3. Passport and ID Card Note: If you have more than one valid passport, all of them need to be submitted for a change of address.
  4. Proof of deregistration from your last place of residence: always required if the last place of residence was in Germany also required if your last place of residence was outside of Germany but in country that has a residential registration system (e.g. Switzerland)
  5. Proof that your place of Residence is in Tanzania, e.g. rental agreement, work contract, municipal bill
  6. Tanzanian residence permit or visa

Note: Not all possible cases and scenarios can be represented here. Additional documentation might be requested depending on your specific case.


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