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Travelling with pets


Travelling to the European Union

For entry into all Member States of the European Union (apart from Ireland, Malta, Sweden and the United Kingdom) from third countries, the animals must follow the

rules for pet animals entering the EU

The importation and exportation of certain animals and goods is restricted and possible only under certain conditions; for some animals even absolute import and export prohibitions apply.


Travelling to Tanzania

It is essential to apply for a permit to import pets and to receive the permit before coming to and entering Tanzania.

Please get in touch with the following authorities:

Permanent Secretary,

Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security,

P.O. Box 9192, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Tel: +255 22 2862480/1, Fax:+255 22 2862077

E-mail: psk@Kilimo.go.tz

Director of Veterinary Services,

Ministry of Water and Livestock Development

Temeke Veterinary Office

P. O Box 9152, Dar es Salaam.

Tel: +255 22 2862592; Fax +255 22 2862538

E-mail: zoosanitary@mifugo.go.tz or epid1@mifugo.go.tz

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