Passport Application for Minors (children under the age of 18)


See here what is required to apply for a passport for a minor and how the application is launched.
Read the information carefully - by being well prepared you can avoid having to come to the German Mission a second time.

Ein Kinderreisepass liegt zugeklappt auf einer hellen Fläche
Kinderreisepass der Bundesrepublik Deutschland© dpa

General Information

Since 01.01.2024 there is only one passport option as the chilren’s passport seized to exist.

The passport needs to be applied for in person (parents and child) upon appointment. Extensions of existing documents are no longer possible. Since 26 June 2012 every child needs their own German travel document. Entries in their parents’ passports are not valid anymore and will not allow them to travel. You can keep your existing passport during processing time, if you need to travel and the passport is still valid.

Important for FIRST TIME APPLICATIONS: Sometimes it is necessary to do a name declaration before you can apply for the first passport for your child. Please read the information provided:

Name declaration for children

Please note that your application can only be accepted if the documents below are complete. If the documentation is incomplete you might have to make a new appointment.

Who Can Apply for a Child?

  • All legal guardians must submit the application jointly. In almost all cases that would mean that both parents must appear in person at the German Mission.
    If one parent cannot come to the German Mission in person, there must be presented:
    • Parental consent in the original, furnished with a certified signature
      Only certifications by German authorities (e.g. Embassy/Consulate, notaries, town officials) will be accepted; Tanzanian certifications will not be accepted.
    • court ruling proving sole guardianship or sole right to determine the place of residence of the child
    • death certificate of the other parent
  • Children must accompany you to the German Mission in order to apply for a passport. This also goes for babies.

How Do We Apply?

  • Read the information carefully.
  • Compile the necessary documents. If you lack any of the listed documents in the original, read here about how to obtain it.
  • Complete the application form
  • Book an online appointment at your German Mission.
    If a name declaration is necessary you can get two appointments on the same day.
  • Bring all documents in the original plus one simple (non-certified) copy. Incomplete applications cannot be submitted.

What are the Required Documents?

The following is required for an application:


1. Application form

2. passport photo - ATTENTION: The photo must meet biometric specifications if the child is 6 years or older, see here

3. Signatures are required as follows:

a) Children born to married parents: both parents

b) Children born out of marriage, if both parents have custody: both parents

c) Children of of separated parents: the parent who has custody. Please provide the court custody order.

In exceptional cases only: If one parent cannot be present, the application can still proceed with just one parent attending, provided the signature of the absent parent has been certified on the form below (Einverständniserklärung) and the original passport or a certified passport copy is enclosed. Important: Certifications must be done either by a German Honorary Consul, a German Mission abroad or a notary public (with seal).

Consent of absent parent for isssuing a passport to a child

4. Current passport
If this is a first time application: proof of identity of the child (not applicable to babies)

5. (legalized Tanzanian/German) Birth certificate
A birth certificate in which the parents are not listed cannot be accepted. If in another language, please also provide a translation into German or English.

6. For children who were born after 01/01/2000 in Germany to foreign parents and who became German automatically by law (§ 4 Abs 3 of the German Nationality Act (Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz) please provide a certificate from the German registry office where the child was born confirming the German citizenship (‘Auszug aus dem Geburtenregister’).

7. Parent's (legalized Tanzanian/German) Marriage certificate/extract of family book if applicable (if in another language, please provide a German or English translation of the certificate) or acknowledgement of paternity with consent of the mother

8. Passports of both parents (in case of dual nationality: all passports)

9. Proof of German nationality of parent/parents by providing Tanzanian Residence permit, if one parent has another/dual nationality – all passports

10. Proof of surname: One of the following documents is required to prove the child's surname (only exception: the child was not born within a marriage and the acknowledgement of paternity took place after birth):

a. - German birth certificate of the child or

b. - German marriage certificate of the parents stating a joint married name or

c. - German name certificate for the child's name or the parents' married name or

d. - German name certificate of an older sibling, if the name was declared according to German law

11. If there is neither of the documents listed under 10, a name declaration is necessary before you can apply for a passport.

12. Proof of citizenship: child’s naturalisation certificate or parent’s naturalisation certificate, including “Beibehaltungsgenehmigung” if applicable; or alternatively residence permit for Tanzania

13. If applicable: proof of other citizenships and how you acquired them

14. If applicable: divorce order of parents or death certificate of parent

15. If the child or one of the parents has made a name declaration, please bring the confirmation of name declaration.

16. Most recent German local authority de-registration form (‘Abmeldebestätigung’) – only if the last place of residence was in Germany or if a German place of residence is shown in the passport. The child's status of registration affects the fee for the passport application and therefore has to be clarified before submitting the application!

17. Proof of residence in Tanzania, e.g. an electricity bill or a rental agreement.

18. A prepaid satchel from a courier service (e.g. DHL) with signature on delivery with your address – unless the passport will be collected directly at the Embassy Dar Es Salaam during collection time. Please, note that the German Mission cannot be held responsible for loss or damage due to postal or courier service delivery of the passports.The collection of passport would have tob e organized by you and agreed upon with the courier service directly. Collection time is Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30h.

Submitting the following documents of ancestors from whom your child derives German citizenship may facilitate and speed up the application:
- Certificates of citizenship (even after date of validity)
- earlier German passports and/or ID cards
- “Vertriebenenausweis gem. §15 Bundesvertriebenengesetz”
- “Spätaussiedlerbescheinigung gem. §15 Bundesvertriebenengesetz”
- German naturalisation certificates

Note: Not all possible cases and scenarios can be represented here. Further documentation might be required depending on the individual case.

What Happens After We Submitted the Application?

If all required documents are submitted, we will take the fingerprints of children of 6 years and older. After the appointment, we will process your application and order the printing of the passport.

Please apply for the passport well in time - in particular if a name declaration is required, the passport should be applied for at least several months before the intended trip.

Once the passport has arrived at the German Mission, you will be informed by email. You can pick up your passport personally during the collection time (Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30h) or authorize someone in your stead.

Can I apply for my child’s passport at the Honorary consul?

The answer is - it depends:
You can apply to the Honorary Consul in Arusha if you

  • wish to apply for a child's passport for a child under the age of six
  • it is not the first time a passport is issued at the Embassy in Dar es Salaam and
  • the child is in possession of a German birth certificate/ German name certificate.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to apply for your child’s passport at the Honorary Consul in Zanzibar.

If you meet the above mentioned criteria, you can contact the Honorary Consul and make an appointment for an interview.

The application form, accompanying documents and passport photo must be submitted in full. The Honorary Consul will pre-check the documents, verify the identity and seal the application. Afterwards, you must forward this application to the German Embassy in Dar es Salaam on your own - e.g. by courier service, we advise against using the post.

In addition to the usual passport application fees, a service fee is charged by the Honorary Consul for this service. It can still be an advantage as it also means that you and your child will not have to travel together to Dar es Salaam in order to present themselves in person at the Embassy.

As soon as the passport is ready, you will be informed by e-mail and can

  • collect the passport in person/through an authorised representative during the collection hours (Tuesday and Thursday 11:30 a.m.) or
  • enclose a pre-stamped envelope from DHL/courier service with the application in advance and arrange for collection by the same upon notification.


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