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General Information

Since the production and shipment of biometric passports can take up to several weeks, the German Embassy can issue a temporary passport in addition to the biometric passport in case of proven emergencies. A temporary passport is valid up to 1 year and will be invalidated upon receipt of the biometric passport.

Passport applicants are required to apply in person and by appointment.

If a personal application is not possible for proven medical reasons - only in exceptional cases, after prior consultation with the passport office and provision of a meaningful medical certificates,- a temporary passport can be applied for by an authorised representative.

Please note: Some countries do not accept the temporary passport as valid travel document (e.g. no visa-free entry to the US). We therefore recommend you to check with the airline resp. with the country of destination before you apply.

Please note that your application can only be accepted if the documents below are complete. If the documentation is incomplete you might have to make a new appointment.

Required Documents

The following is required for an application:


1. Application form

2. 1 passport photo - ATTENTION: The photo must not be older than 6 months and must meet biometric specifications, see here

3. Fee

4. Current passport and if applicable current German ID Card (not applicable for first time applications)

5. Birth certificate - A birth certificate in which your parents are not listed cannot be accepted (if in another language, please also provide a translation into German or English). Tanzanian Certificates have to be handed in with a legalization.

6. Marriage Certificate, if if applicable (if in another language, please provide a German or English translation of the certificate)

7. Certificate of name Change, if applicable

8. German naturalisation certificate, if applicable

9. If naturalized abroad: naturalization certificate and “Beibehaltungsurkunde”

10. If applicable: proof of other citizenships and how you acquired them

11. If you are a resident in Tanzania (not a citizen): Residence Permit
As Tanzania forbids dual nationality this hast o be assumed in most cases

12. Proof of residence in Tanzania (e.g. electricity bill, water bill or rental agreement)

13. A prepaid satchel from a courier company (e.g. DHL with signature on delivery) with your address – unless the passport will be collected directly at the Embassy Dar Es Salaam during collection times which is Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30. Please, note that the German Missions cannot be held responsible for loss or damage due to postal or courier service delivery of the passports.

14. Does your current passport show a different place of residence than your current place of residence? Please bring a deregistration letter with you if your last place of residence was in Germany or in another country that has a registration system. For the registration of the new place of residence in Tanzania proof is required, e.g. an electricity bill or a rental agreement (s.above).

15. Do you wish to carry a married name? Please submit your marriage and if applicable name certificate. If you do not possess a name certificate, read here whether a name declaration is necessary.

In case you apply for a German passport for the first time and if you are German by descent, you need to add the following documents to your application (original and copy):

  • current German and Foreign passports of your parents
  • if existing: German passports or German ID-card of the German parent at the time of birth
  • if applicable, marriage certificate of parents (if married in Tanzania the documents need to be legalized. It might be advisable to request a newly issued copy by RITA)
  • if applicable, your certificate of naturalisation or the certificate of naturalisation of your parents
  • if applicable, foreign certificate of naturalisation of your parents
  • if applicable, certificate of acquisition of the German citizenship by declaration
  • Proof of German citizenship: Depending on various possible case constellations, you will find the required documents under the corresponding bullet point. If you yourself have a citizenship certificate, a naturalisation certificate or a letter of retention, please refer to the last bullet point.

that your application can only be accepted if the above documents are complete. If the documentation is incomplete you might have to make a new appointment.

What happens after I submitted my application?

If all required documents are submitted, we will take your fingerprints. After your appointment, we will process your application and order the printing of your passport.

It will take approximately one week for your passport to be produced. You can pick up your passport personally during the collection time (Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30h) or authorize someone in your stead.

Application forms

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