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Getting a civil Status certificate from Germany or Tanzania


Getting civil status certificates from Tanzania

Tanzanian civil status certificates (Mainland Tanzania) are issued by the Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) or the local registry office where the civil status was recorded. As the documents often have to be presented in legalised form for use in Germany and - often only a legalisation of the documents issued by RITA is possible-, we recommend that you have the desired documents issued directly there.

Tanzanian-Zanzibar documents (Zanzibar-Tanzania) are issued by the Zanzibar Civil Status Registration Agency (ZCSRA). In order to have the Tanzanian-Zanzibari documents legalised, in addition to an over-authentication by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Zanzibar, a further over-authentication by the Tanzanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dar es Salaam is necessary.

Mainland - Tanzania
Zansibar - Tanzania

Getting civil status certificates from Germany

You were born in Germany, or you got married there, and you need a new certificate? Or do you require a death certificate, divorce order, or other kind of certificate from Germany?

Civil status certificates can be obtained directly at the local registry office in Germany, divorce orders can be obtained directly at the divorce court. There is not central authority that can issue your certificate and you cannot apply for it at the German Missions abroad. You may contact the local offices through the website of the city or town, e.g. www.frankfurt.de, www.leipzig.de, etc.

The following website (in German only) might help you finding the right registry office:


If the birth or marriage happened abroad and none of the parties involved was registered in Germany at the time, the civil status certificate would have been issued by the Registry Office 1 in Berlin:
Webseite Standesamt I (in German only)

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